Coolangatta Airport Parking

Everything to know about Coolangatta airport parking for first time flyers

For first time flyers, everything can seem new and exciting. The flip side is that everything can seem confusing and intimidating as well. People need to print their tickets, figure out what time they need to leave, they need to find their gate, and they also need to figure out how they are getting to and from their flights. While some people are lucky enough to have a loved one who will drop them off, this isn’t always possible due to the time of the flight. It is not uncommon for take-offs and landings to occur at ungodly hours of the morning and many people don’t want to disturb their friends and family members. Because of this, people will have no other choice than to drive themselves to the airport and to find Coolangatta airport parking. While this may seem like a relatively simple thing to do for those who are seasoned flyers, it can be a whole new world to those who haven’t flown before as they won’t know what to expect. They won’t know what the procedures are, what the costs involved may be, and how long they will be allowed to leave their car at the airport for. Thankfully, there are plenty of websites out there such as our own here at Reddy, that will have in-depth information explaining the ins and outs of Coolangatta airport parking.


coolangatta airport parking

What to expect when booking Coolangatta airport parking

For those who are brand new when it comes to flying, they may not know what to expect when it comes to Coolangatta airport parking. One of the first things that people may not know is that they can easily book their parking online. All people have to do is head to our easy to navigate website and put in their details. They will need to decide on the type of parking that they wish to use (outdoor, undercover, or indoor), the dates, and if they wish to pay online or not. Customers will even have the option to select if they are a loyalty club member (which provides discounts) or a senior card holder (which also provides discounts). From there all people have to do is head to our easy to find space which is located at 57 Ourimbah Road, Tweed Heads NSW. If anyone isn’t sure of how to find us, they are also able to easily find a map on our website. Once customers arrive, one of our team members will take their keys and will park their car. Customers can also have peace of mind knowing that we will not move their car once it is parked which means that there is no chance of fuel getting used, or any scratches occurring, or people not been able to find their car after returning home from a long flight. For those who want a bit of luxury, they have professional detailers to carry out the cleaning option that they’ve asked for, there are a few different options for everyone.

How do people get to the airport once their car is parked?

While most seasoned flyers will have had experienced a shuttle bus or two, newbies may not know how they are going to get to the airport once their vehicle has been parked. Here at Reddy, we offer a curtesy shuttle bus that works around our customers. This means that our bus is ready to go whenever our customers are ready which reduces the chances that someone is going to be late for their flights. This also means that people don’t have to stand around waiting for a designated time for a shuttle bus to leave. This can be extremely inconvenient especially when it is cold, when people have heavy luggage, or when it is raining. We go above and beyond for our customers so whether someone is a seasoned flyer or is a first timer, we will take care of them the same. While our website is quite information dense, if someone would like further clarification on any of our services, they can easily chat with one of our friendly team members over the phone. That way we are able to answer any questions that someone may have and can also give them a run down on what is going to happen. We are able to discuss any applicable discounts that we may be able to apply and we can ensure that first time flyers feel at ease overall.

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