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Gold Coast Airport Parking

If you are going away, whether it be for business or pleasure, then taking advantage of Gold Coast Airport parking is the smartest decision to make. By using airport parking, not only will you be able to avoid rideshare, taxis or relying on a friend or family member to give you a lift but you will also have peace of mind that somebody is ensuring that your car is protected. If you have the choice between indoor or outdoor parking, then always choose indoor parking. Indoor parking is the safest option for your car because not only does it protect your car from the elements, it will also mean that there is an extra layer of security and your car will be harder to access by unauthorised personnel. You will not have to worry about coming back to your car to find that nature has got to your car, from the birds and the bugs to the hot Australian sun. Keeping your car at an even temperature ensures that the engine and oil is protected so it stays well lubricated. If something does end up happening to your car though, if you are taking using indoor Gold Coast Airport parking with Reddy Airport Parking, insurance companies are more likely to look on your favourably as your car is in a secure structure. Parking with Reddy Airport Parking also means you are closest to the airport, so by using our indoor lot not only is your car protected but the terminal is quicker to access. If you are flying soon, take advantage of our online booking system at book your car in today and if you fly frequently, chat to us and we can make sure you get the best deals of taking advantage of our indoor parking. 

Heading to Perth? Here’s What to See and Do In The Wonderful West

Considering going on a holiday soon? How about taking a trip to the West Coast? Western Australia’s capital Perth may seem like a far journey from the Gold Coast but it is well worth the trek. From parking in our safe Gold Coast Airport parking facility to making the trip over to Perth, you will not be disappointed. Perth may be a small city but you will be greeted with warm sunny days with very little possibility of a rain spoiling your trip, incredible beaches and so much other activities to soak in. From chic bars and restaurants like at the beautiful Elizbeth Quay, venturing through the incredible King’s Park Botanical Gardens to find the best city lookouts and exploring the trendy, laid back Fremantle. You can also take a trip down to Margaret River and enjoy a drop at the esteemed wineries and cellar doors. At night, check out how the skyline is lit up but also if you are a little out of the city, being a smaller city you can enjoy the stars. From the beach, to the city, to the bush, the countries West Coast has it all so make a booking at our Gold Coast Airport parking and take a trip of a lifetime. Whether it is friends, family or a significant other, the gorgeous, laidback city of Perth will exceed your expectations.

Use Reddy Airport Parking If You Are A Business Traveller

There is nothing quite like the lifestyle of living on the Gold Coast but if you have a job where you need to travel, then you may find yourself making the commute to the airport quite a bit. While it may seem convenient to getting somebody to drop you there, whether it be a rideshare, taxi or friend, eventually the novelty will wear off and you will just want to get in and get out. That is where Gold Coast Airport parking comes in and if you are looking for the quickest and easiest parking, then Reddy Airport Parking is the place to use. Being the closest long-term parking to the terminal, you will find that it is simply a quicker and easier process. Just like driving to and from work, make your business trips that much easier by booking spaces online and simply just driving to the airport, leaving your car with us and picking it up to get home. We also have deals for frequent travellers so if you find yourself using Gold Coast Airport Parking regularly, then get the best deal with Reddy Airport Parking.

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